On June 1st, Mechanical Muse is launching a closed playtest for The World of Aetaltis, and we need you!

Starting June 1st, we're launching the playtest for our new Dungeons & Dragons 5E compatible campaign setting book, THE WORLD OF AETALTIS. We're looking for gamemasters and players of all experience levels to provide feedback our latest project. Whether you're looking to run a weekly game or you want to join us as a pre-reader, we want your help!

The benefits you'll receive when you join us include:
  • Early Access to New Aetaltis Products.
  • Free PDF copies of currently available Aetaltis products.
  • Invitations to special "playtester only" events at Gen Con, GrandCon, UCON, and more.
  • Opportunities to get cool RPG prizes in weekly give-aways.
  • The chance to have your voice heard during this formative period of the product's development.
  • ...and the opportunity to be there on day one of this great new world!

  • Ready to learn more?

    Send us an email today ( and we'll get you started!

    THE WORLD OF AETALTIS — Coming this August!

    We're excited to announce that this August we're launching a Kickstarter for our next big project: THE WORLD OF AETALTIS, a campaign setting compatible with Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. The entire Mechanical Muse team is already hard at work on this new project and playtesting begins this month!

    To make sure this book is one of the best setting books ever, we brought in game industry legend Steven S. Long as the editor. Steve has written and developed for more than 150 RPGs and RPG supplements, including products from Last Unicorn Games, Decipher, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, and Hero Games. We're extremely excited to have Steve on board for this project!

    LIKE the Aetaltis Facebook page to keep up with the latest news and announcements. To learn more about being an Aetaltis 5E playtester, send us an email at

    Champions of Aetaltis Is Now Available!

    Our first fiction publication, CHAMPIONS OF AETALTIS, is now available! Discover a new world of adventure in this collection of pulse-pounding stories written by some of the greatest fantasy authors alive. From the vine enshrouded ruins of a lost jungle temple to the seedy back alleys of the villainous city of Port Vale, experience the thrill of heroic fantasy with these gripping tales of action and adventure.

    Featuring new stories from Erin M. Evans, Ed Greenwood, Larry Correia, Elizabeth A. Vaughan, Steven S. Long, Jean Rabe, Lucy A. Snyder, Aaron Rosenberg, Melanie Meadors, Richard Lee Byers, Cat Rambo, Dave Gross, David Farland, Elaine Cunningham, Mel Odom, Marc Tassin, and John Helfers.

    Get it today from your favorite retailer:
  • (Digital and Paperback)
  • Smashwords (Digital Only)
  • DriveThruFiction (Digital Only)

  • And don't forget, the PDF version of The Heroes of Thornwall is still available for free from DriveThruRPG!

    Champions of Aetaltis Coming April 12th

    Our first book of Aetaltis fiction hits the shelves on April 12th! Discover a new world of adventure in this collection of pulse-pounding stories written by some of the greatest fantasy authors alive. From the vine enshrouded ruins of a lost jungle temple to the seedy back alleys of the villainous city of Port Vale, experience the thrill of heroic fantasy with these gripping tales of action and adventure.
    We couldn't be more excited about this book. Not only does it contain eighteen stories from some of the best fantasy authors in the business, but the stories themselves are amazing. Each of the authors delivered what we found to be some of the greatest heroic tales we've read. We think you'll be just as excited about the book as we are when we release all 480 pages of breathtaking adventure on April 12th!

    Mechanical Muse Levels Up!

    Big news for Aetaltis and Mechanical Muse today! This announcement is going to have a huge positive impact on all future Mechanical Muse projects!

    The Inspiration for Mechanical Muse

    Mechanical Muse began as my personal dream. It is based on my belief that we can embrace the classic attributes of heroic fantasy, science fiction, cyberpunk, urban fantasy, and all the other beloved genres of geek culture, to create a universe that is both intimately familiar and totally new. All we needed was hard work, amazing people, and a supportive community of like-minded fans. We're off to one heck of a start! With two successful Kickstarters under our belts, one product already available, and upcoming contributions from legends of the industry like David Farland, Elaine Cunningham, Michael A. Stackpole, and Jean Rabe, the future looks bright.

    But I knew from the start that I couldn't do this on my own. Naturally we needed readers, gamers, and fans like you. After all, you're the reason we're doing this. What I also need, however, are partners and teammates to work alongside me as we strive to achieve our goals. After all, the task is too big for just one person.

    Presenting the Mechanical Muse Team

    Today, I am pleased to announce that I've found the team of amazing, talented people I was looking for. Allow me to present my new partners!
    • Art Director Mitchell Malloy (Riot Games, Fantasy Flight Games)
    • Layout & Design Guru Michal Cross (Achtung Cthulhu, Modiphius Entertainment)
    • Layout & Design Guru Shawn King (Legends Magazine, Ragnarok Publications)
    • Publicity/Marketing specialist Melanie Meadors (Ragnarok Publications)
    • IT/Web Admin Matthew Eberle

    • I am honored that each of these talented individuals have put their faith in this dream, and I can't wait to share all the amazing things we'll be doing! And of course, thanks to all of you, whose support and enthusiasm helped to get us here!

      Okay! Enough pomp and circumstance! We've got work to do. Talk to you soon!

      Marc Tassin
      Founder of Mechanical Muse

    Play the Temple of Modren at U*Con!

    Want to experience the world of Aetaltis first hand? Marc Tassin, the founder of Mechanical Muse and creator of Aetaltis, is running Pathfinder(r) Compatible adventure The Temple at the U*Con gaming convention in Ypsilanti, Michigan on November 21st. This is the same adventure featured in The Heroes of Thornwall sourcebook (available now from DriveThruRPG!) Sign-up today and test your mettle against the forces of Endroren!

    Beware the Owlbear!

    The owlbear is a classic monster, well-known (and feared) by fans of roleplaying games. It first appeared in the now legendary 1977 first printing of the Monster Manual for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. The design of the creature was originally drawn from a small, cheap plastic drugstore toy. Ton DiTerlizzi wrote a wonderful article about it that you can read here. It seemed only fitting that we should include this stange and terrifying creature in the world of Aetaltis (complete with fantastic art from the incomparable Eric Lofgren). You can download the full PDF of the Aetaltan owlbear from DriveThruRPG!