Aetaltis: The Return

About a week ago we announced that the doors (or perhaps I should say Arcane Gateways?) to the World of Aetaltis are open once again. So you're probably wondering, "What's the deal?"

UPDATE 12/18/2018: The original post below is still true, but starting on Tuesday, December 18th, 2018 we launched our Patreon page (you can check it out here!) You can help us create amazing new World of Aetaltis game material by supporting our efforts on Patreon. What is more, by becoming a patron you have the opportunity to participate in the Tales of the Free Kingdom interactive adventure open beta where we make your character a part of the World of Aetaltis! Thanks for joining us on this next stage of our adventure!

After our last Kickstarter the entire team decided to take a little hiatus from active development. The project wasn't quite going in the direction we wanted, so we figured we'd take a breather, do some more playtesting, figure out the right path, and then kick things back into gear once we felt good about the plan. All of that is behind us now, and we're ready to go!

"Awesome! So what's the plan?"

Every week we'll release our new Aetaltis material on our site for free. We'll post everything from 5E stats for new races to information about the World of Aetaltis to cool research projects we've been doing as we develop the content. We have a wealth of content that we want to share, and this gives us the means to do so with no barriers between you and the game content we've assembled.

This new material will conform to the same standards of quality, professionalism, and general awesomeness as everything you've seen from us in the past. We're sharing it for free, but we're still going to work our butts off to make sure it's top notch stuff!

The types of posts you can expect include:

  • World of Aetaltis setting material
  • 5E rules for Aetaltis
  • 5E rules options
  • Cool research for gamers
  • Aetaltis short stories
  • Awesome art
  • Fantastic RPG maps

Aren't You Doing Books?

We definitely want to publish more books (both ebooks and print books) in the future. In particular, we intend to release all of the World of Aetaltis game materials as a setting book. For now, however, we're more focused on creating awesome content and sharing it. We'll bundle things up as print projects like Heroes of Thornwall down the road. And sharing the material here will help us to get a better sense of what all of you want, so that we're publishing the material you care about.

Um, How Do You People Expect to Make Any Money?

Easy! We don't! Okay, to be fair we'd like to make some money at this, but let's have a little straight talk. Game design, writing, publishing of any kind, the arts in general—none of these are big money makers. If making money was our focus, we'd do something else. The reality is that we love this stuff, we're going to do it anyhow, and polishing it up to pro level to share with you gives us some great goals to strive for.

If You're Doing it for Free Can We Count On You?

This is exactly the question I'd ask me if I were in your shoes, so I figured I would answer it in advance. In a word, yes. Now for the why of it. First, every single person on our team is a pro. By "pro" I'm not making a qualitive assessment of work or a negative comparison to "amateurs". What I'm saying is that we get how the business works. You deliver, you deliver on time, and you deliver your best work. Every. Single. Time. If you don't, you're not going to be around for long.

Like I said, we'd like to make money doing this. That's only going to happen if we hold ourselves to the highest standard and consistently deliver awesome material to all of you. We're in this for the long haul, in part because we know you've put your trust in us.

Sounds Great! Let's Do This!

If you haven't seen our latest posts, our suggestion is that you start out with the blog post What is Aetaltis? and then follow that up with the Introduction to Aetaltis game content post. If short stories are more your speed, check out the first installment of The Secret of the Holy Crystal. Or if that research we mentioned is your thing, check out the blog post The Cost of Medieval Stuff.

Whew! Enough talk! I've got new material to get ready!

Talk to you soon!


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