Aetaltis Roleplaying Game

Goblins are loose in the hills, and the town of Thornwall is under attack!  With the nearest royal guard post more than three days ride to the south, you and your stalwart companions are the only hope for this harried hamlet! You must defeat the goblins and seal whatever Deepland hole they crawled out of or Thornwall is lost.

The Heroes of Thornwall is a 160-page Pathfinder® compatible campaign starter provides you with everything needed to launch your next campaign. Inside you’ll find:

  1. An Introduction to Aetaltis: Discover Aetaltis, a fantastic new campaign setting where stalwart heroes fight to protect the people they care about from the rising forces of darkness.
  2. The Town of Thornwall: A detailed town environment for your fantasy campaign. It includes a full map, detailed building descriptions, equipment lists, and a rich supply of exciting adventure hooks.
  3. The Green Briar Tavern: A classic fantasy tavern where the party can relax after a long day at the dungeon! It features a color map of the tavern, an authentic medieval menu, recipes for making the cook’s specialties at home, and various tavern games.
  4. The People of Thornwall: Stats for 20 non-player characters you can use to populate your town, including constables, farmers, merchants, priests, tavern staff, and woodwards.
  5. The Temple of Modren: A heroic Pathfinder compatible adventure for 4-8 1st Level Characters. Delve into the Deeplands and face the dark power of the Endrori as you begin your quest to save Thornwall!

Plus five pre-generated characters, new rules for goodwill character rewards, and much more. It’s everything you need to start your campaign off right and support it for many adventures to come.

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