About Aetaltis


More than three hundred years have passed since the fall of the Atlan Alliance, and the people of Aetaltis have finally brought order to their fractured world. Fledgling nations have grown into powerful kingdoms, thriving merchant states have re-established old trade routes, and the priests of the Enaros have rebuilt their great temples. But in this time of hope, the shadow of an ancient evil is rising once again.

Deep beneath the surface of Aetaltis lurk the armies of the fallen god Endroren. For centuries, an order of holy knights known as the Warders of Alantra maintained powerful mystic seals that held the forces of darkness at bay, but when the Alliance fell, so did many of the ancient orders—including the Warders. Now, after centuries of neglect, the wards are failing, and the dark ones have returned.

Aetaltis is a classic fantasy setting created by author Marc Tassin. It incorporates the beloved themes and story elements of high fantasy, but adds new elements and twists that offer plenty of secrets to discover. Designed to support a variety of creative endeavors across many platforms—including games, fiction, comics, and art—it is the first of many worlds planned for release by Mechanical Muse.


About Mechanical Muse


At Mechanical Muse we bring joy, hope, excitement, adventure, enlightenment, and inspiration to everyone who daydreams of fantastic worlds beyond our own.

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