What is Aetaltis?

Aetaltis is a new RPG campaign setting that rekindles the fire of classic heroic fantasy gameworlds. It's everything that made fantasy RPGs great reimagined for today's games and gamers!

In the World of Aetaltis, you are a spark of hope in a land where the people are fighting back against the grim forces of darkness. You play the part of stalwart warriors, wizards, priests, and rogues who aren't waiting for some great king or a distant god to rescue them. They're taking matters into their own hands and bringing the fight to the enemy.
In the upcoming World of Aetaltis setting books for 5E, you and your friends will explore a world where:
  • Dwarven zealots fight a guerrilla war to retake their lost Deepland homes from a seemingly unstoppable horde of monsters.
  • Humans are part of an alliance of races from another world, trapped on Aetaltis by the very world gates that brought them there.
  • Arcane magic is fickle, requiring spellcasters to take exceptional care or risk losing control of the incredible powers they wield.
  • Drothmal barbarians wade into battle with wild, terrifying abandon, reveling in every wound as a gift from the God of Trial.
  • Fey folk take myriad wondrous forms, from fleet winged fairies to clever sprites to noble elves.
  • Brutish orog warriors wage a constant battle against enemies both without…and within.
Aetaltis wraps the classic fantasy ideas we all love into exciting new stories that make the setting both intimately familiar and tantalizingly new.
A scythaa ranger and an atlan cleric explore the ruins of the Thornwall's forest gate. (Art by Brandon Liao)

To learn more about Aetaltis:

  • We post new setting materials and game rules on the site every week! Be sure to visit often or follow us on social media! 
The World of Aetaltis

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Ron Simpson's picture

I tried to do something like this with my DnD friends. was the kernal to start it, but it never went anywhere because we all go married and had kids. I havent gamed in years. I would love to get back into it, but all my gaming friends moved away. Sucks. 

How do you approach world building with a team? Do you let people run free with ideas and then have them all present their ideas to the group? Or is there a main creative director that has the ideas and then asigns people to flesh them out? 

Marc Tassin's picture

Run it like an RPG. One person is the "GM", helping to guide the efforts of all and making sure that everyone is telling the same story (so to speak). The oher members are "players", focusing on key areas that interest them, adding to the story, but ultimately recognizing that the GM is setting the tone.

Good GMs will be open to the creative ideas player ideas and incorporate them into the whole to make a richer, cooler story. This is the same for group worldbuilding. The person leading the effort needs to have a sense of theme/style/etc., but when a contributor comes to them with an idea like "What about X?" the trick is to find a way to say "Yes" to the cool idea.

The "GM" in our fictional worldbuilding process can certainly offer a list of ideas for the "players". In the same way that a GM might say "The party doesn't have a cleric, and it'd be great if someone could come up with one for the game." the leader pf the creative process might say things like "It'd be fantastic if there was a powerful magocracy in the east, and it'd be great if someone could work on that."  Maybe the contributor bites or maybe they don't, but it's a group process and everyone needs to have fun.

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