Drothmal for 5E

The drothmals are a powerful race that live and die by the sword. They maintain a strict warrior’s code and revel in hardship, seeing the trials they face as the blessings of Droth. They will fight to the death for their companions and will face any enemy no matter the odds

A drothmal guards a caravan travelling through Stonegate Pass. (Art by Mitchell Malloy)


  • male drotheen, drotheens (pl.)
  • female drothaan, drothaans (pl.)
  • species drothmal (s., pl.)
  • adjective drothmalen
  • native drothmal (s., pl.)


  • Height 7’ (213 cm)
  • Weight 250 lbs (113 kg)
  • Hair Color Black
  • Eye Color Blue to gray
  • Skin Color White to tan
  • Physical Maturity 10 years
  • Lifespan 50 years


  • Patron Enaros Droth
  • Secondary Enaros None
  • Favored Primary Cultures Icewalker
  • Favored Secondary Cultures Outlander, primitive
  • Restricted Primary Cultures Dalelander, deeplander, fey, newardine, warrener
  • Favored Classes Barbarian, fighter
  • Restricted Classes Wizard
  • Favored Occupations1 Mercenary
  • Restricted Occupations Liberator


The drothmals take their name from Droth, the Aetaltan deity of trial, suffering, and warfare. Ancient drothmalen legends suggest that the drothmals once lived in towns and cities like most of the region’s other inhabitants, but today they live in nomadic war bands scattered across the glacial highlands north of the Donarzheis Mountains. There, they scrape out a meager existence from the unforgiving tundra, moving south on occasion to raid the comparatively lush villages of the Donarzheis highlands.


Drothmals are straight forward and strong willed. If they have an opinion they give it and won’t try to cushion it with flowery words. Since they see suffering as Droth’s blessing, they don’t shirk unpleasant tasks. Drothmals value their War Clan more than anything else, and they will die for any member of their clan. While traditionally their War Clans are a group of drothmals living together on the Icebound Plain, when not among their own people some drothmals may adopt a group of non-drothmals as their clan.

The Drothmalen Code

The defining feature of drothmalen life is their code of honor. The code, passed down from one generation to the next, may differ slightly between tribes, but it always includes these key elements:

  • Give no curse to suffering: Never curse pain that is brought upon you. Welcome it. Embrace it. Accept it as Droth’s blessing. Show no sorrow for your suffering.
  • Protect the clan: Over all other promises, protect the clan with your life.
  • Bleed your foes: Give the blessings of Droth to your foes by giving them suffering. Do not strike the final blow. Leave that honor for Droth. He will know when their suffering is complete.
  • Fight with honor: Do not attack an unarmed foe. Do not surrender if you can still fight, but do not throw away your life to avoid the suffering of defeat. Show no mercy, for that is Droth’s right alone.
  • Share the Suffering: If suffering is brought upon you, return the blessing to those who gave it to you.

Physical Description

Drothmals stand 7’ tall (213 cm) and weigh close to 250 pounds (113 kg). Their faces have a vaguely cat-like appearance that gives them an animalistic air. Skin color ranges from deep tan to white. Drothmalen head hair is thick, but most shave their hair to a topknot to expose the intricate patterns of spots that mark their skin from their foreheads down to the smalls of their backs. Very few drothmal can grow facial hair, but those that can take great pride in their gift. If a female has facial hair it is seen as a sign that they are destined for leadership, and among males it is considered a sign of virility. Drothmals reach social majority at age 14, and assuming they survive their violent lifestyle drothmals live to be about 50 years old.


Since so many drothmalen War Clans survive by raiding, most other races keep their distance from the drothmals. Drothmals get along best with dwarves. They are indifferent towards scythaas and newardins. Drothmals see fey as a bit of an annoyance but have no other strong feelings about them. They become quickly frustrated with halflings, however, since the halfling love of comfort goes against everything they believe. They feel similarly about cheebats only with less vehemence.


Drothmals living outside the Icebound Plains are normally found working as mercenaries or hired guards. They refuse any accommodations that are overly luxurious (anything more than a straw pallet and a stool in most cases) and prefer to sleep outdoors under the stars if given the opportunity. Even if traveling with other races they prefer to set up a basic camp outside of town rather than staying at an inn. The most extravagant housing they will prepare for themselves are simple, round frame tents with a fire in the middle and enough space for five tightly packed drothmals and their gear.


As their name implies the drothmals worship Droth almost exclusively. While they respect and show reverence toward the other Enaros, they see asking them for favors as an act of weakness. In the eyes of the drothmals only Droth truly understands their people. They believe that Droth gives them relief from suffering only when it is truly deserved. Their religious texts hint at a time when the drothmals were called by another name and lived more like the rest of the races in the Amethyst Sea basin, but the truth remains a mystery. Few drothmals have any interest in Atlan Centering, but they do practice Ancestor Worship.

Drothmalen Names

Drothmals have two names; a personal name and a clan name (ex: Urgoth of the Cracked Skull Clan). Their personal name is given to them at the age of five. Prior to that they are referred to by their birth order and, outside of their immediate family, their parent’s name (“Urgoth’s First Child” for example). This naming process is a response to the high mortality rate of drothmalen infants in the harsh lands of the Icebound Plain. A drothmal’s clan name is the name of their War Clan and holds a sacred place in the mind of the drothmal.

  • Male Names Urgoth, Trahk, Korthan, Omnek, Grelth, Vonosh, Dirthon, Roth, Freegok and Rozarr
  • Female Names Chialnik, Dyarget, Meena, Sheyn, Kainik, Egrak, Trysik, Freyik, Jeeyet and Arrmak
  • Clan Names Blood Raven, Cracked Skull, Tormentors, Broken Promise


Drothmals constantly seek out challenges, especially battle. This leads many to the adventuring life. Drothmals most often become barbarians or fighters, but a few also choose to become clerics of Droth. Most drothmals are mercenaries by occupation, but some will choose the life of a crusader.

Drothmal Racial Traits

  • Ability Score Increase Your Constitution score increases by 2 and your Strength score increases by 2
  • Speed Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
  • Size Medium
  • Droth’s Endurance You have advantage on saving throws to avoid fatigue and exhaustion, as well as on saves and checks to resist ill effects from running, forced marches, starvation, and thirst.
  • Fearless You have advantage on saving throws against being frightened.
  • Ferocity You may choose to stay conscious and continue the fight even if your hit points drop to zero, as long as you are not instantly killed. Continue to make death saves as normal. Once combat is over the rage subsides, you fall unconscious even if your current hit points are above zero or you succeeded on three death saves. If you failed three death saves or if your negative hit points exceed your maximum hit points, you die when combat ends.
  • Ice Walking You never suffer disadvantage to checks when climbing or crossing slippery surfaces.
  • Natural Explorer (Arctic) As the ranger class ability, you are adept at traveling and surviving in the artic environments.
  • Languages You can speak, read, and write Atlan (Common) and speak Drothmalen.



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(1) Occupations will be introduced in a future post.


  • Art and Concept Art by Mitchell Malloy

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