Elliyen Wilds

When an arrogant elven queen made a magical bid for divinity, a powerful surge of raw essence twisted the beautiful forest kingdom of Ellor Nyall into a nightmarish realm of essence infused madness. Even the endrori avoid this land, leaving it largely untouched during the Age of Darkness.

Enchanted vines grasp at an ancient gate. (Art by Brandon Liao)


During the Age of Magic, the Fey Court of Ellor Nyall ruled most of the Amethyst Sea basin. Its magnificence was celebrated throughout the known world, and its queen basked in the splendor of her people's achievements. As the power and glory of the court continued to grow, however, so to did the queen’s pride. In time she became convinced there was nothing she or her nation could not achieve.

So it was that she charged her scholars with designing a spell that would make her the equal of the Enaros. Although these scholars were the greatest masters of magic in the world, they did not succeed. Tragically, they proceeded with their flawed spell, and upon its failure, the arcane backlash tore through the queen's spirit and into the land tied to her. It warped Ellor Nyall into a strange, terrible, and unnatural version of its former self. The Enaros, when they witnessed what the queen had wrought, refused to heal the land. Instead they left it as a reminder to all who might become so arrogant as to think themselves as powerful as the gods. (You can read the complete tale of the Queen's folly in the History of Aetaltis.)

Lay of the Land

Ellor Nyall was a kingdom of rolling hills, wide plains, and gently curving coastlines. Most of the land was covered by a thick, ancient forest, and the mighty Stonegate Mountains stood off to the east. When the queen’s spell failed, the woods covering the land twisted and changed. All manner of horrors were unleashed: trees gained sentience, the pollen of flowers turned to poison, rivers flowed with blood. The once prosperous land twisted into a thing out of nightmare. Today, every hill, valley, and highland is choked by this otherworldly woodland, and any attempts to cut it down have been stymied by the unnaturally fast rate at which the plants of the region grow back.

Unique and Interesting Features

Spellcasting within the Elliyen Wilds is an uncertain endeavour at best. The simplest spell failure may result in a catastrophic mishap with unpredictable results. Even a successful casting may prove disastrous since an otherwise harmless spell effect may be twisted into something new or boosted to uncontrollable levels.

Primary Threats

The essence bent creatures of this once idyllic woodland realm are now terrible monsters that attack without provocation. Stags with horns of flame, giant bears with treacherous spines, and packs of undead wolves are just a few of the horrors that stalk the Elliyen Wilds.

Other Threats

In the Elliyen Wilds, paths appear and disappear without warning, strange mists transport victims hundreds of miles from their original location in an instant, and seemingly clean springs induce madness in those who drink of their waters.

Legends and Lore

Lurking in the Elliyen Wilds is a strange race of beings that are half-plant, half-fey. They are elusive and cunning and attack any who invade their lands. Scholars believe that these creatures are the descendants of the fey who didn't manage to escape the magical backlash from the queen’s spell. As the essence washed over them they were transformed into a new sort of being and were permanently bound to the forest.

Not everyone believes the queen died in her attempt for godhood. Some say she survived and still rules her broken realm from the ruins of Ellor Nyall’s capital. With no subjects left to rule, she is said to have raised the bodies of the dead to serve her in a vile parody of her people's life before the nation’s destruction.

Treasures of every kind await salvage from Ellor Nyall. The queen’s spell spread so quickly that few had time to gather their belongings. Magical dishes that warm food with a touch, animated statue servants, and chests of gems and precious metals are just a few of the treasures recovered from the Elliyen Wilds over the years.

Ellor Nyall had a fantastic library, although no one knows exactly where it was. Besides the many tomes of lost knowledge it surely contains, it was believed to have been the repository for at least four of the lost Enarosian Scrolls.


  • Map of the Amethyst Sea by Nate Mangion
  • Art by Brandon Liao


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