Free Kingdoms (Nation)

Welcome to the Free Kingdoms, a fractious collection of independent kingdoms mired in a quagmire of land disputes, hereditary conflicts, and greed. Every spring war drums beat as a constantly shifting collection of petty kingdoms vie for power, land, and honor.

The Free Kingdoms (Art by Mike Schley)


  • Population 3,000,000
  • Racial Makeup
    • Atlan 50%
    • Dwarf 17%
    • Drothmal 12%
    • Halfling 8%
    • Fey 5%
      • Elf 3%
      • Fairy 2%
      • Sprite 1%
    • Cheebat 3%
    • Orog 3%
    • Newardin 1%
    • Scythaa 1%


  • Government Feudalism, Monarchy
  • Ethos Any
  • Alliances Gelendor, Winterkeep
  • Conflicts Internal
  • Military Permanent professional and conscripted


  • Primary Industry Livestock, Wool
  • Secondary Industry Grain based agriculture


  • Society Type Class-based pastoral
  • Culture Freefolk
  • View of Adventurers Indifferent


When they climbed from the smoking ruins of the Alliance colonies after the Cataclysm, a visionary group of nobles and military leaders joined together to forge a dream. They conceived of a land where a collective of autonomous kingdoms would be independently ruled in ways that met the unique needs of their people. A combined High Court would stand at the ready to provide guidance and leadership in times of desperate crisis or to settle intractable disputes between member kingdoms.

Well, that was the theory anyhow. The modern reality is a fractious collection of kingdoms mired in a quagmire of land disputes, hereditary conflicts, and greed induced warfare. Every spring war drums beat as a constantly shifting collection of petty kingdoms vie for power, land, and honor.


In its early days the Free Kingdoms lived up to the lofty ideals of its founders. Unfortunately, as the years passed and younger, less idealistic children took over thrones from their aging parents, the dream of the Free Kingdoms faded. Within two generations the kingdoms settled into their now familiar pattern of social maneuvering, shadowy intrigue, and war. Around that time it almost splintered into a patchwork of truly independent kingdoms, but mutual security and habit held the kingdoms together.

Lay of the Land

In the eastern Free Kingdoms lay the fertile flatlands of the western Agthorian Plains, while in west are the densely wooded highlands of the Dragontail Mountains. To the south are gently rolling hills marching up from the sea, and to the north stand the towering, snow capped peaks of the Donarzheis Mountains. Cutting through the center of the nation is the mighty Serenth River, which empties into the Amethyst Sea at the city of Hawk’s Crest, home to the High Court.

Villages Towns and Cities

Most people in the Free Kingdoms earn just enough to survive and little more. Their homes are simple wattle and daub buildings framed with heavy beams and covered by thick, thatch roofs. Scattered among these humble dwellings are the manors of the freefolk nobility. Half palace and half fortress, these impressive stone edifices are designed to provide optimal defense while simultaneously serving as a shining symbol of the owner’s wealth and status.

Towns with even minor strategic importance are walled and will have a castle to defend them. Additional fortified outposts dot the landscape at key tactical locations. The security offered by these outposts often attract a tavern keeper, a trader, a few farmers, and some craftsmen. They make their living serving the needs to the soldiers stationed there, and in time may serve as the seeds of a new town.

Law and Order

There is no common set of laws in the Free Kingdoms. Each freefolk ruler sets the law as they see fit and may change the law at any time. Accepted custom in one kingdom may be punishable by death in another. Those who are not familiar with the Kingdoms are strongly urged to find a local guide to avoid unfortunate legal misunderstandings.

Adventuring Opportunities

If you can fight you can surely find work in the Free Kingdoms. There is always a war going on somewhere, and many of the freefolk lords and ladies pay well for the services of adventurers.

The political chaos of the Free Kingdoms also provides cover for dark hearted souls seeking to grow their personal power. Corrupt mages, blood thirsty warlords, and worse have all used the unrest of the provinces to hide their nefarious schemes. With the freefolk nobility distracted by their own scheming, it often falls to adventurers to protect the commonfolk from these evils.

While the bustling capital of Hawk’s Crest seems an unlikely place to find ruins or monsters, adventurers who travel there are in for a surprise. It turns out that the founders of the Free Kingdoms built the city atop the ruins of old Norentor, the first Alliance settlement on Aetaltis. According to legend, when the Cataclysm struck the entire city of Norentor sank into the ground. Only the tallest spires remained visible. Today a labyrinth of hastily mined tunnels, ruined chambers, and ancient buried buildings lie beneath the streets of Hawk's Crest. The chaos touched essence left over from the Cataclysm is still strong here, and adventurers are often called upon to investigate strange happenings in the maze of passages known as the Undercity.

As kingdoms rise and fall large tracts of land are regularly abandoned, sometimes for years at a time. These places revert to their wild state and are often infested with chaos spawned beastfolk, vile monsters, and sometimes even endrori. Many lords and ladies of the Free Kingdoms prefer to ignore these problems if they don't pose an immediate threat, since they know that eventually some brave adventurer will come along and clear the place out for them.


Art & Illustration

  • Map of the Amethyst Sea by Mike Schley
  • Winter Castle by Jack Holliday
  • Cliff Castle by Winfall Design

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hannah's picture

Having to war causes famine as invading armies strip the land of food including grain crops and animals.

Marc Tassin's picture

True - the need to get troops home to plant and reap is a long standing worry for kingdoms at war. This creates a delicate balancing act for the leaders of the Free Kingdoms. Do they go to war this year? Can they afford it? Do they contest the affront to their sovereignty by the other kingdom? Or do they accept the insult, but make plans to strike back at a time that is more in their favor? It all adds to the constant tension and intrigue that is so common to the Kingdoms.

yeah's picture

yea very good

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