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Not every dwarf is from the Deeplands, and not all cheebats live in warrens. A cheebat raised by drothmal might not care about the rules of trade, or a dwarf brought up in a cheebat warren might...

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The stoic exterior of a dwarf masks a heart that burns as hot as a blacksmith’s forge. A long history of hardship and betrayal made them tough, wary, and practical, but dwarven emotions flare when their passions are...

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From ancient legends about the origin of the world to the recent battles to repel the Dark Hordes, the history of the Amethyst Sea is a rich tapestry of stories about courageous heroes,...

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Welcome to our first content post for the World of Aetaltis. Every week I'll share new materials from our upcoming...
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When driven from the Deeplands, the dwarves were forced to make the surface world their new home. This displacement, combined with the dwarven rejection of the Enaros, shaped modern...

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The race of enigmatic intellectuals known as the newardin operated the arcane gates that brought the Atlan Alliance to Aetaltis. They value reason and knowledge above all else and dislike anything that invokes chaos...

Newardine culture is strictly ordered and deviation from that order is unacceptable. If one is to believe newardine scholars, the newardine culture is virtually un-changed from when the first newardins came to Aetaltis.

If you're unfamiliar with the rules for Aetaltan Cultures, you...

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The following is a gamer’s introduction to the fantasy races available for play in a World of Aetaltis campaign. We'll share detailed information about the races and their...

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Concept Art for the Scythaa (Art by Mitchell Malloy)

The quick and cunning race of reptilians known as the scythaa are yet another victim shaped by the destruction wrought during the Great War. Inheritors of a...

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