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Concept Art for the Scythaa (Art by Mitchell Malloy)

The quick and cunning race of reptilians known as the scythaa are yet another victim shaped by the destruction wrought during the Great War. Inheritors of a...

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Join Eathen Winswood, the young scholar who features prominently in the HEROES OF THORNWALL campaign starter book, on his first adventure!

Evidence mounts that something is terribly wrong at the island monastery in this second installment of our story.

In our final installment, Eathen discovers the Secret of the Holy Crystal—and a world of trouble, too!

“A seething mass of geniuses, madmen, and heroes,” is how the poet Mellia Aswith once described her home, the city-state of Selenthea. This bustling metropolis sits on the edge of the...

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The small, childlike fey known as sprites are as wild as the wind and twice as changeable. Their emotions run close to the surface and they are driven by their passions. They have an arcane bond with wild creatures and...

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Tales of the Free Kingdoms Open Beta is a guided storytelling game for patrons of the Aetaltis RPG. As a citizen of the Free Kingdoms, you'll get to participate in a unique gaming experience set in the World of...

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The Enaros are the all-powerful beings that created the world of...

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The kingdom of Thistlefeld controls the swampland just south of Grelden Lake and north of the Calrac River. The swamp is filled with thick-trunked, hundred-foot tall kressys trees...

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Beneath the streets of Hawk’s Crest lies a catacomb of subterranean passages that wind through the ruins of the Alliance city that once stood on that site. During the cataclysm the...

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