Newardine (Culture)

Newardine culture is strictly ordered and deviation from that order is unacceptable. If one is to believe newardine scholars, the newardine culture is virtually un-changed from when the first newardins came to Aetaltis.

A newardine wizard investigates an abandoned lab. (Art by Mitchell Malloy)

Newardine culture is strictly ordered and deviation from that order is unacceptable. If one is to believe newardine scholars, the newardine culture is virtually un-changed from when the first newardins came to Aetaltis.

If you're unfamiliar with the rules for Aetaltan Cultures, you can read about them here.


  • Geographic Origin Any newardine cel
  • Dominant Race Newardin
  • Secondary Race None
  • Preferred Government Imperial
  • Language (Dialect) Newardine
  • Patron Gods None
  • Secondary Gods None
  • Values Order, balance, sanitation, law
  • Aversions Chaos, filth, outsiders
  • Favored Races None
  • Favored Cultures None
  • Unacceptable Races None
  • Unacceptable Cultures Icewalker, primitive
  • Public Opinion Intelligent and educated, but cold and haughty


Newardine are encouraged to weigh every situation logically. This deliberate consideration is often interpreted as a cold lack of emotion to outsiders. This is a misconception, for newardine do in fact feel emotion; they simply do not react until they have considered every aspect of a situation. Even then, they measure their reaction based on what they’ve calculated is the proper and necessary response. If an emotional response will not have a valuable effect there is no point in having one.


Newardine clothing and styles are determined by the individual’s social rank. Although the exact nature of this system is staggeringly complex, in a basic sense the amount of color and ornament a newardine wears indicates their status in society. Those of the lowest classes wear black cotton trousers and plain-cut shirts of gray or black. Citizens of higher classes dress in outfits made with a multitude of layered textures, fabrics, and colors. The most outrageous of these costumes are so complex that they require several servants to put on properly and extensive practice to move in.


The primary forms of newardine art are paintings and drawings that make use of complex geometric forms. Success as a newardine artist requires both artistic talent and skill in advanced mathematics. Newardine statuary is the opposite, using strange dream-like curves that only vaguely resemble the subject.


The most popular newardine instrument is the winree, a fragile construct that makes use of crystal spheres that vibrate when touched. The results are perfectly tuned tones with a crisp, haunting quality. To most non-newardine, the ghostly sounds of this instrument are unnerving.

Food and Drink

Newardine eat a very limited range of foodstuffs. There are a total of fifteen acceptable newardine recipes and each dish has specifically defined place, time, and manner of consumption. Newardine generally do not drink alcoholic beverages, as most are immune to its effects and it provides no nutritional value.


Newardine homes are stark and functional. Furniture is added only where absolutely needed. Bright colors are avoided.


Order gives newardine great pleasure. A clean, well-organized society run by long-standing traditions, logical rules, and reasoned laws brings the typical newardine a sense of comfort and satisfaction. The same applies to their personal life and relationships.


Newardine do not take kindly to disruption of their ordered lives. Reactions to such disruptions are severe, although carefully calculated and coolly carried out. Outsiders invariably disrupt newardine life and are normally banned from it to avoid unpleasant situations.



Newardine births are treated as a medical condition without any spirituality.


Newardine majority occurs in a number of growth stages. There is no defining moment after which newardine children are considered adults. There are only levels of development.


Permanent legal bonding between two individuals has proven beneficial to maintaining the order. They are not celebrated, but the process of bonding is ritualized to cement the couple’s status.


The bodies of deceased newardine are taken to an undertaker shortly after death and left there with the necessary payment. It is simply a necessary business transaction.


Magic is a highly respected science among the newardine and spellcasters are held in high esteem. Enchanted items are commonplace in newardine households.


Some newardine have taken to worshipping the Aetaltan gods because the Enaros are quite clearly real beings that directly impact newardine lives. This is often a transactional relationship rather than a worshipful one. More often, newardine view the Enaros as they would any other force of nature; they exist but lie beyond mortal control, and thus they are accepted for what they are with no special emotion applied to them.

Unusual Customs, Traditions, and Taboos

Newardine find physical acts of affection base and disgusting. If confronted by public displays of affection, newardine may have to leave the room due to their revulsion.

Newardine Traits for 5E

Newardine characters receive the following benefits and disadvantages.

  • Language Newardine
  • Social Reaction1 Advantage Newardin, newardine
  • Social Reaction1 Disadvantage Fey, Fey culture

Note on the Newardine Language: There are no Newardine dialects. Newardine people will patiently explain that there is only one correct way to speak the language. A dialect is simply a failure to properly learn the language, something that is unacceptable.

Cultural Features

You may also select two of the cultural features described below.

Feature: Mindful Sleep

You've learned to enter a sleep state while retaining awareness of your surroundings. When taking a Long Rest, all Wisdom (Perception) checks to awaken due to a disturbance are made at advantage. In addition, when using this technique you can sleep sitting up and wearing armor with no negative effects.

Feature: Meditative Sleep

You've learned to enter a deep, meditative state when sleeping. Using this technique, you can accomplish a Long Rest in just 4 hours. You may still only undertake a single Long Rest per day. When using this technique to take a Long Rest, all Wisdom (Perception) checks to awaken due to a disturbance are made at disadvantage.

Feature: Purified System

By carefully managing what you eat, how you excrete waste, and adhering to a complex personal hygiene regimen, you've managed to achieve a perfectly balanced physiological state. As a result you have no body odor whatsoever. This makes you partially invisible to detection by scent. Any attempt to detect you using Wisdom (Perception) that relies on smell is at disadvantage.

Suggested Characteristics

d6 Personality Trait
1 To ensure clarity, I always say the name of the person I am speaking to before I say anything.
2 Look. I've been practicing 'smiling,' and I think I'm getting quite good at it. Are you soothed?
3 I love to treat serious injuries, because the interior workings of bodies are simply fascinating.
4 Naturally I never go anywhere without a book to read.
5 I have an extensive collection of insects.
6 I'm working on a fully cross-relational catalog of every word in every language. It's fascinating.


d6 Ideal
1 Knowledge: Knowledge is the most powerful force in the universe. All things are possible with the right knowledge. (Any) 
2 Purity: All things are better when presented in their purist forms. (Lawful)
3 Serenity: A chaotic mind is the first step on the path to destruction. (Lawful)
4 Realism: Not all things are equal, and to suggest otherwise is to ignore reality. (Neutral)
5 Pragmatism: That without purpose—whether a person, thought, thing, or emotion—is of no value at all. (Neutral)
6 Reason: All things are advanced through the unrelenting application of reason. (Any)


d6 Bond
1 Mastery of magic is the only true path to enlightenment.
2 My studies of Centering are the foundation of my being.
3 I will always maintain the purity of my people by defending our sanctity and protecting our secrets.
4 I want to discover the secret to reactivating the gates so we can return to the newardine homeworld.
5 Reason dictates that every life is valuable, as there is no way to accurately predict a being's future importance.
6 I will strive to recover every scrap of this world's lost knowledge.


d6 Flaw
1 I despise the touch of another's flesh against my own.
2 The newardine culture is inherently superior to all others. That's not a judgment. It's a fact.
3 I am deeply ashamed of my secret love for dancing.
4 I covet the power of the gods and would do almost anything to achieve it.
5 Magic is the first tool I reach for when trying to solve a problem.
6 Dark magic isn't evil—I just need to figure out how to use it safely.



Particularly as we get started posting new material, there will be topics we haven't covered yet. In most cases you an easily read between the lines to understand the meaning, but we wanted to note some areas where we have expanded material that we'll be sharing.

(1) Expanded Aetaltis rules for social reactions will be shared in an upcoming article.

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