For the Pathfinder RPG

A classic monster adapted for the Aetaltis campaign setting

When a 1,500 pound owlbear rears up on its hind legs in a fighting stance, it stands close to 10 feet tall. Its thick hide is covered with a mixed coat of brown, black, and gray fur and feathers. Each of the creature’s massive paws ends in claws sharp enough to disembowel an unarmored foe with a single swipe. Its body looks like that of a large bear, but its head has the appearance a giant owl’s. Like an owl, the owlbear can extend its neck and turn its head more than 180degrees to seek prey.

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About the Aetaltis Bestiary Collection

The Aetaltis Bestiary Collection is a series of fantastic new Pathfinder® compatible monsters from the world of Aetaltis. Based on the work of veteran RPG illustrators, they're ready for gamemasters to drop into their Pathfinder campaign! Watch for new monsters every week!