It's time! The journey to Aetaltis has begun!

Journey to The World of Aetaltis, a new world of classic heroic fantasy adventure for Fifth Edition! Discover a setting that stands proudly beside the legendary worlds that shaped the genre.

If you're new to the genre, Aetaltis is a world you can call your own. Write your own tales in a new setting that is unknown and unexplored. Experience the thrill of being the first to see what lies beyond the horizon.  

If you're a long time fan of the genre, you'll find Aetaltis both intimately familiar and wonderfully new. It allows you to experience again that joy of discovery you felt when your character set out for the first time into the wilds of Faerûn or the far reaches of Middle Earth. You'll instantly find your footing while discovering new wonders around every corner.

But don't take our word for it...

"One of the coolest, most gorgeous things I've seen in worldbuilding in a long time. Marc Tassin has created a fantasy world we can fall in love with."
- Ed Greenwood, Creator of the Forgotten Realms.
"Judging by what I have seen already, this might be the Forgotten Realms of the second millennium's second decade. [I] won't be surprised if it becomes the most popular D&D 5E campaign setting!"
- Antonios S., Reviewer at RPGnet
"It's my favorite world since 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms."
- Elaine Cunningham, NYT Bestselling Author
We're producing a complete 5E compatible RPG campaign setting called The World of Aetaltis. Your support will let us deliver all the books and accessories you need to run or play in an Aetaltis campaign.
And by helping us to unlock our stretch goals, we'll extend the Kickstarter campaign to include an entire line of Aetaltis products, including:
  • Rich setting books filled with details about mighty nations, sturdy fortresses, deepland dungeons, and more.
  • Tomes of terrifying new monsters.
  • Exciting new adventures to challenge your characters.
  • Expanded Fifth Edition rules for magic, adventuring, downtime, and more!
  • Helpful game aids like encounter decks, inspiration tokens, and character pawns.
  • Stunning poster maps that bring the world to life.
And everything you receive will be produced with the same attention to detail and dedication to quality we demonstrated when we delivered our last two Kickstarters: The Heroes of Thornwall and Champions of Aetaltis. 
The Aetaltis Kickstarter has begun and will run through Tuesday, October 11th.

For all the details, visit the Kickstarter by clicking here!