World of Aetaltis Update

We finished our latest round of public playtesting, and we're now well into the planning and development for the relaunch the crowdfunding campaign for the World of Aetaltis setting books! We still have a fair amount of work we want to do before we go live with this one, but we're very excited by how it's all coming together. The magic rules have been revised and expanded, we've added some great combat options, and the Amethyst Sea setting map is ready to go!

We've also just finished running through an internal playtest on a new set of Aetlatis adventures set in the region around Thornwall. Revisions are underway and a closed playtest is coming soon!

So what can you do while you're waiting for the big relaunch? Glad you asked!
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  • That's it for today! We'll let you know when we get closer to the relaunch!