On June 1st, Mechanical Muse is launching a closed playtest for The World of Aetaltis, and we need you!

Starting June 1st, we're launching the playtest for our new Dungeons & Dragons 5E compatible campaign setting book, THE WORLD OF AETALTIS. We're looking for gamemasters and players of all experience levels to provide feedback our latest project. Whether you're looking to run a weekly game or you want to join us as a pre-reader, we want your help!

The benefits you'll receive when you join us include:
  • Early Access to New Aetaltis Products.
  • Free PDF copies of currently available Aetaltis products.
  • Invitations to special "playtester only" events at Gen Con, GrandCon, UCON, and more.
  • Opportunities to get cool RPG prizes in weekly give-aways.
  • The chance to have your voice heard during this formative period of the product's development.
  • ...and the opportunity to be there on day one of this great new world!

  • Ready to learn more?

    Send us an email today ( and we'll get you started!