Sprite (5E Race)

The small, childlike fey known as sprites are as wild as the wind and twice as changeable. Their emotions run close to the surface and they are driven by their passions. They have an arcane bond with wild creatures and are adept at dealing with wild animals of all kinds.

A sprite adventurer peers out from the trees, wary of the stranger in its forest. (Art by Mitchell Malloy)


  • male sprite (s., pl.)
  • female sprite (s., pl.)
  • species sprite (s., pl.)
  • adjective sprite
  • native loriya (s., pl.)


  • Height 4' (122 cm)
  • Weight 50 lbs (23 kg)
  • Hair Color Any color present in their home environment
  • Eye Color Black with dark tones of a color common in their home environment
  • Skin Color Light tones of any color present in their home environment
  • Physical Maturity 10 years
  • Lifespan 200+ years


  • Patron Gods Vale
  • Secondary Gods Larayil
  • Favored Primary Cultures Primitive
  • Favored Secondary Cultures Fey, icewalker, outlander, wastelander
  • Restricted Primary Cultures Valenar, newardine, warrener
  • Favored Classes Ranger, sorcerer1
  • Restricted Classes Wizard
  • Favored Occupations Explorer
  • Restricted Occupations Liberator


Sprites are always on the move. They constantly explore, examine, and fiddle with their surroundings and everything in it. They love animals and are drawn to them no matter how ugly or fearsome the creature may be. Sprites will never hurt an animal unless they have no other choice, and even then they attempt to subdue it rather than kill it.


Sprites of the Amethyst Sea basin are often mistaken for elven children when seen at a distance. One notable difference is a slightly more mature appearance to the face, but even this is subtle and easily missed. More obvious are the sprite’s eyes which have an insect like appearance, and the small horns that grow from their foreheads. The sprite’s skin, hair, and eye color reflect the environment that the sprite was born in.

If sprites wear clothing at all (they prefer not to), most choose primitive looking outfits made from natural materials. That said, sprites willingly don armor or human attire if there is good reason. They’re also known to wear masks, although the reason for their fascination with these accessories is unclear. Sprites have musical, childlike voices with overtones that carry a hint of birdsong.


Sprites get along best with halflings. They are comfortable with humans, newardins, cheebats, and dwarves. They love the physical nature of the drothmals but are intimidated by the most drothmals’ grim demeanor. They are intensely curious about scythaa, particularly their tails. They fear orogs and avoid them whenever possible.


Sprites make their homes among elves, usually living on the outskirts of the elven settlements. They seldom stay in one place for long, however, and travel between elven villages whenever the feeling strikes them. They’ll stay for as long as it holds their interest and then move on again.

Sprites live like creatures of the wilderness. When they become tired, they’ll form a nest from leaves, find the crook of a tree, or climb into a cozy burrow, and sleep there. They don’t build houses or structures of any kind. If it is too cold to sleep outdoors and a sprite doesn't have a burrow or cave to sleep in, they’ve been known to sneak into a nearby house (occupied or not) and sleep in the cupboards, closets, or cellars. Sprites are not bad house guests. They traditionally leave gifts of herbs, berries, or small trinkets as a thank you to their unsuspecting host.


Sprites are deeply religious, seeing the gods as the truest embodiment of living essence. They prefer Vale over other gods, since she is the creator of the animals they hold so dear. They also have love for Grethken, since he created the wild lands where they are most comfortable. Sprite worship by going out into the wilderness and running, allowing themselves to become one with the world around them.

Sprite Names

Sprites tend to choose animal names for their children. The parents and family members will spend a great deal of time watching the child and then choose a name that best reflects the type of animal the child seems akin to. Like elves, sprites also have a court name but it is only used for formal occasions.

  • Male/Female Names Gullwing, Stagwyn, Hareish, Wolfin, Swifthawk, Bearlyn, Fyboar, Squirrelik, Doeheart, and Robincrest


Many sprites can’t help but to become adventurers. Their love of motion, desire for excitement, and and need to explore leads them naturally into the company of traveling adventuring parties. Their love of nature may lead them down the path of the ranger, although like all fey, their closeness to essence may lead them to learn the arts of the sorcerer1.

Sprite Racial Traits

  • Ability Score Increase Your Dexterity score increases by 2 and your Wisdom score increases by 1
  • Speed Your base walking speed is 25 feet.
  • Size Small
  • Low Light Vision When the character is in dim light conditions, treat them as if they are in bright light2
  • Animal Friendship You can convince a wild beast that you mean it no harm. Choose an untamed herbivore or insectivore that you can see within 30 feet that has Intelligence 3 or lower. It must see and hear you.The beast must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be charmed by you 24 hours. If you or one of your companions harms the target, the effect ends. You cannot affect more than one creature at a time with this ability.
  • Invisibility Once per short rest sprites may turn invisible at will by holding their breath. Anything the sprite is wearing or carrying is invisible as long as it is on the their person. The effect ends if the sprite stops holding their breath, attacks, or casts a spell.
  • Speak with Wild Beasts Through sounds and gestures, you can communicate simple ideas with untamed herbivores or insectivores.
  • Languages You can speak Atlan (Common) and Fey.



As we're just getting started posting new material, there will be topics we haven't covered yet. In most cases you can easily read between the lines to understand the meaning, but we wanted to note some areas where we have expanded material that we'll be sharing.

(1) Rules for Sorcerers in Aetaltis will be presented in a future post.

(2) Yes, we're bringing back Low Light vision. We'll share more details later, but the short version is dim light is treated as normal light for characters with low light vision. If you don't want low light vision in your game, you can simply use the standard Darkvision ability.


  • Art and Concept Art by Mitchell Malloy

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