The Enaros

The Enaros are the all-powerful beings that created the world of Aetaltis. They rule from their Golden Hall in Lensae, Aetaltis' sun, and they're known to occasionally meddle in the affairs of mortals.

The temple of Lensae in the town of Thornwall. (Art by Jordy Lakiere)

The people of the Amethyst Sea basin worship a pantheon of deities known as the Enaros. Although the Atlan Alliance brought some of their own beliefs when they came to Aetaltis, most of these were philosophical rather than religious. In many cases these philosophies are still observed side-by-side with worship of the Enaros.

The only exceptions are the dwarves and the newardin. The newardin have never shown irrevence or disrespect to the Enaros, but when dealing with the Enaros they exhibit the detatched indifference typical of their race. The dwarves, on the other, hand still blame the Enaros for the loss of the Deeplands and see the worship of the Enaros as a sign of weakness and misplaced hope.

The Golden Hall of Lensae

The people of Aetaltis believe their sun, called Lensae, is the home of the Enaros. Sometimes referred to as the Golden Hall, Lensae is not only believed to be the home of the Enaros but also the final resting place for the spirits of the dead. The priests of the Enaros claim Lensae is a golden paradise, and to arrive safely at Lensae after death is every Aetaltan’s dream.


Aetaltis’s moon is known as Numos, and it is ruled by the Enaros called Aelos. It's surface is the last stop for the dead on the journey to Lensae. It is also a key milestone on the journey to Lensae, for once a spirit passes beyond Numos it cannot be contacted or recalled.

Endros and Aros

Endros and Aros are elder gods and the creators of the Enaros. They left Aetaltis eons ago to wage war against the forces of True Darkness.

The Enaros

The Enaros each control different domains of the universe and its elements. They also embody particular ideals such as hard work, hardship, or love.

Alantra, the Great Mother

The eldest of the Enaros, Alantra is the embodiment of healing, fertility, and protection. She is the Enaros of the hearth and home, and the chosen Enaros of the halflings. Healing clerics draw their power from her, and she is the patron of all who provide safety and protection.

Alantra is represented as a kind mother figure imbued with a palpable inner strength. She is of average height and is typically represented as healthily full-figured. Alantra is closely associated with the elements of earth and stone, and her colors are subtle earth tones. The symbol of Alantra is a chalice carved in stone.

Alantra is said to have formed the physical features of Aetaltis. The mountains, valleys, canyons, and plains are all her work. She also made the ground fertile so that when Grethken started his work, the land was ready for his seed.

As the eldest of the Enaros, she is their leader. She listens carefully to the council of the other Enaros, but when she makes a decision she is as immobile as the mountains. During the Age of Enaros, before the fall of Endroren, it is said that Alantra and Endroren led the Enaros together, but the truth of this legend remains in doubt.

Aelos, Keeper of Mysteries

Aelos is the Enaros of the night, mystery, and the dead. All the spirits of the world are her wards, and she cares for them until they depart Numos for their final rest in Lensae's halls. She is the Keeper of Mysteries, but this role also gives her the right to reveal truth, shining light into darkness just as Numos does. Aelos is the chosen Enaros of the elves, and she is the patron of archers, spiritguides, and necromancers.

Aelos is usually represented as a tall elven woman with pale skin and raven hair. Her eyes sparkle like stars and her voice is distant like an echo. Her colors are black and silver and she is associated with the physical elements of silver and feysteel. The symbol of Aelos is a crescent moon crafted from the purest silver.

Aelos created Numos, Aetaltis’s moon, as a home for spirits who have not gone on to the Halls of Lensae. There she rules a kingdom of the dead, offering her protections in exchange for their loyalty. Toletren is her faithful consort, although his love of truth and her love of mystery can place them at odds.

Droth, Lord of Trial

War, hardship, and challenge are all the domains of Droth, Lord of Trial. Despite the sorrow often associated with his work, he is not considered evil. It is generally understood that only through trial can one grow to their strongest potential. For this reason, trial is not considered evil but simply a necessity of life. Droth is the chosen Enaros of the drothmals and the patron of warriors.

Droth is always represented as a large, rugged, and well-built male. His features are angular and rough, and his countenance is always stern. He is almost always represented with his sword, Galodrian, a huge, double-edged steel blade he uses to impart his blessings upon others. Steel-gray and blood-red are his colors, and he is directly associated with the element of blood. His symbol is a representation of Galodrian shaped from the purest steel.

The many hardships that have confronted the people of the region have made Droth an all too present figure in their lives. Aetaltans will often say, "May Droth's trials be fair," a saying that means "Let Droth challenge me but not more than I can survive." Despite their understanding of his ways, Droth still receives as many curses as praises from the people of the region. Still, most realize that being angry with Droth for their trials is like being angry at the rain for falling.

Elendra, the Muse

Elendra is the patron of bards and the protector of true love. She is beautiful and wise, but like true love she can be vengeful if crossed. Artists believe she provides the inspiration for all art, from song to sculpture. She is also the embodiment of commitment, so her name is often called upon at weddings and in contractual agreements.

Elendra is represented as being intensely beautiful in a natural, unassuming way. She is best known for her genuine smile that brings warmth and contentment to whomever gazes upon it. Purple is her color and she is directly associated with flowers and song. Her symbol is the blossoming orchid.

Elendra and Modren are husband and wife. She inspires, he creates, and together they bring inspiration to life. It is said that Elendra is the only being that knows the Soryphyn, a song believed to be older than the universe. Legend states whosoever knows this song can make dreams reality simply by singing it.

Endroren, Lord of Darkness

Endroren is the embodiment of pure evil--not just a mortal evil, but the most perfect manifestation of Darkness to have ever existed. Originally the Lord of Magic, Endroren became the master of cruelty, deception, and slavery when he embraced Darkness. He is the chosen Enaros of all endrori and the patron of all who walk in Darkness.

Endroren is a shadow, shapeless and without form. His voice is a deep whisper that can chill one to their soul and his gaze can be felt even if he is unseen. Black is his color and shadow is the substance with which he is associated. His symbol is a smooth black disc carved from obsidian.

The Lord of Darkness gave up his mantle as the Lord of Magic when he embraced the power of Darkness. Since then no Enaros has taken up his old role. Even so, Endroren retains much of his talent with Essence and is still the most skilled of the Enaros in bending magic to his will.

Grethken, Father of the Wood

Grethken is the embodiment of plants, harvest and the wilderness. His strength gives life to the forests and bountiful growth to the farmer's fields. He is the Lord of the Harvest and is celebrated every autumn for his gifts. In addition, he works hand and hand with his lover, Vale, as the keeper of the wilds. Grethken is one of the chosen Enaros of the scythaas and he is the patron of rangers and scouts.

Grethken is portrayed as a large man with a full beard and long, dark brown hair. His hair is intertwined with living vines and his fingernails are made of bark. His eyes continually change color shifting between deep green, burnt orange, and rust red. Grethken’s color is dark green and he is associated with the element of wood. His symbol is the elder oak carved from ritualistically gathered oak heart.

The relationship between Grethken and Vale is as stable and regular as the passing of the seasons. They seldom work alone, nearly always acting in direct conjunction with one another. Each maintains a careful balance that allows their wards to thrive and survive. Grethken is sometimes thought to lack compassion since his ways are the objective, pragmatic ways of nature, rather than desire.

Larayil, Sky Keeper

Larayil is the mistress of winds, bringer of rain, and queen of the sky. He is also the patroness of sailors. Like the wind, she is fickle and changeable but she can be incredibly powerful if brought to a fury. She is also the embodiment of beauty, but a beauty without depth or substance. Larayil is the chosen Enaros of the fairies.

Larayil is often represented as a stunningly beautiful woman, although she is known to present as an equally beautiful man as it suits him. Her beauty is radiant and those who look upon her lose their wits, bearings, and reason. Larayil's colors are white and light blue and he is directly associated with the elements of crystal and air. Her symbol is the cloud etched upon a crystal medallion.

Master of the winds, Larayil has long been both the love and the bane of Aetaltis’ sailors. To a sailor, a strong wind, like Larayil, is a beautiful thing, but stand too long admiring its beauty and you can quickly find yourself at the mercy of the storm. Larayil loves her spouse Phensral deeply, but the moods of each change so often that their relationship is often a tempestuous one.

Modren, Forge Master

Modren is the Great Builder and embodies construction, fire, and order. He is the keeper of the solar forge and is the smith of Lensae. He makes ideas real and turns chaos into order. Modren's power is cleansing, but it achieves this either by burning away the impure, or the permanent transformation of the subject into something new. Modren is the patron of craftsmen and was the chosen Enaros of the dwarves before the Age of Darkness.

Modren is represented as a muscular dwarf with dark bronze skin and fiery red hair. He is always shown with his hammer, Lanil and his tongs, the Sirnis. With these he is said to have forged the Deeplands upon which Alantra shaped the surface of the world. His color is fiery red, and he is associated with the element of steel. His symbol is a polished steel hammer.

Throughout history the Enaros have turned to Modren to aid them in their creations. From the creation of the Enari to the chains that bind Endroren to the core of the world, Modren had a hand in their construction. From the solar forge of Lensae he draws his stock, and using his mystic tools he makes real the dreams and desires of the other Enaros.

Phensral, the Sea Father

Father of the Sea, Phensral is the master of waves and water. From the smallest river to the raging torrent, he is their lord and keeper. His power ranges from the crush of waves upon the shore to the trickle that eventually carves a valley. He is also the embodiment of change and thus the patron of all who seek new experiences.

Phensral is normally represented riding upon a wave with the denizens of the sea all around him. He is clothed in a robe of kelp and wears a crown of shells. He is always joyful and his laugh can refresh even the weariest of sailors. His color is blue, and his elements are water and shell. His symbol is the scallop.

Phensral quickly tires of things that do not change. Sadly for Larayil, this has applied to his amorous desires as well. He has had numerous trysts with various avatars of the Enaros and, some legends suggests, with some of the other Enaros themselves.

Toletren, Lord of Knowledge

Toletren is the Lord of Knowledge. He is also the keeper of history, the master of logic, and the watcher of time. Toletren embodies truth and his guidance is sought whenever answers must be found. He is also the judge, not because he seeks justice but rather because he requires that the truth always be revealed. What others do with the truth is of little concern to him. Although he did not create them,Toletren has become the chosen of newardin who worship the Enaros. Toletren is also the surrogate patron of wizards since Endroren’s fall.

No one knows what Toletren looks like for he is always represented in long robes with a hood that covers his face. When his hood is lowered, knowledge and truth are always revealed but never the truth of his appearance. His color is white and the element he is associated with is paper. His symbol is a scroll or book.

It is said that Toletren designed the ritual of limitation. According to the Enarosian Scrolls, he had already prepared the spell before the Enaros even decided that a spell of that nature should be cast. Most attribute this to the fact that Toletren does not live in a single time, but moves freely between the veils that divide yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Vale, the Huntress

All the beasts of Aetaltis are the children of Vale. She is their keeper and protector and she often takes on their form to move among them. Her heart is feral and she is the embodiment of instinct. Violence is in her nature, but only in so far as it is a part of survival and as dictated by the natural order of things. Vale is the chosen Enaros of sprites and the patron of the beastmaster.

Vale is normally portrayed as dark-skinned with deep brown eyes. She is occasionally shown clothed in hides, but beyond this she is never shown with any other belongings. Her colors are dark brown and blood red and the element associated with her is ivory. Her symbol is a natural tooth or claw.

Vale cares little for the creations of the enari. Rather, she is warmed by their passions, instincts, and desires. When civility gives way to raw emotion, only then is Vale truly pleased. Vale is never envious or bitter, and she does not seek revenge, however, if she is crossed her fury is unparalleled.

Zevas, the Lord of Webs

Zevas is the embodiment of planning, commerce, and illusion. He is the master of the Web of Fate and can navigate its strings better than any other Enaros. He is the patron of merchants and diplomats but also of thieves. This has caused the people of Aetaltis to be wary of him even if they still respect him as an Enaros.

Zevas takes on so many forms that no two representations of him are the same. The only thing his representations have in common are deep, piercing eyes that seem to know far more than they are willing to reveal. Zevas's color is gold, as is the element associated with him. His symbol is a coin minted from purest gold.

The web of life is so complex that when viewing a small portion of it, incorrect conclusions may be drawn about its meaning. For instance, if you are wet does it mean it is raining? That you are underwater? Or that it is hot and you sweat? Without knowing the entire story behind the situation it is easy to reach a false understanding. Zevas is often like that, offering but a single piece of information without the full context necessary to truly understand its meaning. This is how he earned his secondary title as the Lord of Illusions.

Art & Illustration

  • Enaros Symbols by Ashley MacKenzie
  • Temple of Lensae by Jordy Lakiere

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